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Paper Mulberry Face Mask Sheet

Product Details

We offer OEM orders of face mask sheet and finished face mask.

Our face mask material including white color Paper mulberry mask sheet,yellow color Paper mulberry mask sheet,Pink color Camellia Mask Sheet,Seaweed hydrogel face mask,silk mask sheet,cotton face mask sheet,Chitin face mask sheet,tencel face mask,gauze face mask,curpo face mask.

Face mask sheet can be customized the size,our regular is 20x23cm.

The pattern can be plain, mesh,"s" and so on.

The color can be white,pink,yellow,black.

We offer face rest cover sheet, size 30x45cm,or customized size.

We offer belly mask sheet, size 35x50cm or customized size.

1,White color Paper mulberry mask sheet

white color Paper mulberry mask sheet

2,Yellow color Paper mulberry mask sheet

yellow color Paper mulberry mask sheet samples

3,Pink color Camellia Mask Sheet

Camellia Mask Sheet

4,Seaweed hydrogel face mask

Seaweed hydrogel face mask

5,Curpo face mask

curpo face mask

6,Cotton face mask

cotton mask sheet

7,Chitin face mask sheet

Chitin face mask sheet

8,Tencel Cotton Gauze face mask

gauze face mask

9,Silk mask sheet

silk mask sheet

10,Tencel mask sheet

tencel face mask

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