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In order to meet the real demand of the market and provide suitable products, such as dry wipes, cotton tissue, disposable towels, wet wipes, roll wipe, face mask sheet, cotton pad, face rest cover, we offer OEM/ODM service for stable and long term business cooperation with customers, buyers and traders, our customers will earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction and time to market.

With OEM/ODM service, we can be your supplier to provide cost-effective production, on-time deliveries, and the best quality standard in the spunlace nonwoven and dry/wet wipes industry.

We sincerely hope to make cooperate with your company, enterprise, traders.

We can assist you from sample to final products as follows-

1) Spunlace nonwoven roll material, we have plain, dots, embossed, dyed colors, mesh patterns.

2) Dry wipes, we offer various dry wipes, beauty soft towels, baby cotton tissue and disposable towels.

Count 25sheets/30sheets/50sheets/60sheets/80sheets/100sheets/bag.

Packing can be a soft bag, cardboard box.

3) Wet wipes, we offer baby wet wipes/feminine wipes/makeup removal wipes/pet wipes/single packed wipes/bundle packed wipes/wet ones/airline wipes/gym wipes/hotel wipes and so on.

Packing can be handbags, film roll, tubes, plastic boxes, with or without a flip lid.

Count 1pieces/10pcs/20pcs/25pcs/30pcs/60pcs/70pcs/80pcs/100pcs per bag.

4)Comestics products, such as face mask sheet, cotton pad, face rest cover.