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Household Cleaning Wipes Roll

Household Cleaning Wipes Roll

Product Details

Household cleaning wipes make it easy for kitchen cleaning,it is biodegradable.

It can be made of wood pulp and polyester fiber,wood pulp and PP fiber,wood pulp and viscose fiber,100% viscose spunlace, 100% bamboo spunlace,100% cotton spunlace.

The spunlace pattern can be plain,embossed.

Regular packaging:

60sheets per roll

Sheet size:24x27cm

Material weight:55gsm to 65gsm

Roll Diameter:10cm

Household cleaning woodpulp biodegradable wipes roll

Household cleaning woodpulp biodegradable wipes roll details

Household cleaning wipes

embossed woodpulp spunlace roll wipes 03

Material:wood pulp and polyester

Spunlace noowoven

Cross lapped

Raw white

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