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Bamboo Spunlace Dry Wipes

Bamboo Spunlace Dry Wipes

Product Details

Our Wipes have minimal ingredients - Other wipes have 15 - 30 ingredients, many of which are caustic and can be harmful to the skin. Even the best wipes that feature essential oils and other organics, still contain chemical preservatives. Functional Botanical's Dry Wipes have only pure botanicals, formulated to nourish and cleanse, while not harming the delicate landscape of your skin. Nature knows best.

Our wipes smell like the real thing, flowers and natural botanical extracts. Our fragrance is pure and vibrant since we use only real botanical ingredients.

Not only is the smell inviting but the bamboo is super soft and will inspire you to wipe them all over your body. There is no chemical feel, just water, essential oils and luscious bamboo. Safe and delicious to cleanse head to toe. 

Packing details_

Clear bag packed,each bag 50sheets,folding size 10x15cm.

Size can be 20x15cm,20x18cm,20x20cm,30x30cm,30x33cm,50x50cm,50x60cm,40x90cm,70x140cm.

Material weight usually 60gsm,70gsm,80gsm,90gsm,100gsm

Bamboo spunlace dry wipes A

Bamboo spunlace dry wipes C

Bamboo spunlace dry wipes

Bamboo spunlace dry wipes B

Material:wood pulp and polyester

Spunlace noowoven

Cross lapped

Raw white

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