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Female Cleaning Wet Wipes

Female Cleaning Wet Wipes

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Female cleaning wet wipes

Easy To Clean Up Lady Facial Cleansing Wet Wipes Female Scented Tissue Wipes

1) Thick,extra soft & gentle wet wipes are available in different scents leaving the skin feeling refreshed and fragrant for a long time.
2) Extra absorbing wet wipes contain antibacterial &antiseptic properties to protect the babies from germs,leaving baby's skin smooth and sily soft.
3)Useful as a smart&effective option for moisturizing and sanitizing baby's hands, mouth&general body as well as cleaning. 

4)Gentle enough to use at every nappy change or at feeding and play times.
5).Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and soap-free that is safe and gentle on the delicate skin of the genital area
6).Soothes and moisturizes your delicate skin with Chamomile extracts & Aloe
7).Enriched with Vitamins A and E
8).Wipe removes odour with its special gentle cleansing formula

Female Cleaning Wet Wipes