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Box-packed Cleaning Wet Wipes

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Box-packed cleaning wet wipes

Plastic Box Packed Wet Wipes,Custom Wet Wipes

Our wipes has a unique absorptive capacity and liquid absorption capacity, excellent clean, soft, antistatic, does not damage the performance of the surface properties and tough enough to not use any chemical binders.
Heavy-duty paint booth area and machine cleaning. No heavy metal contaminants; new clean towel every time. Consistent size, shape and cleanliness. Reusable and durable; Absorbs oils, grease and water fast. Cleaning the booth during color changes. Cleaning rough surfaces Removing debris. Absorbing thick liquids. Jumbo roll. White color. 

Box-packed Cleaning Wet Wipes A

Aloe Scent Cleaning Wet Wipes 60sheets Per Bag C

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