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Nonwoven Medical Bandage

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Product Description

Nonwoven medical bandage

Factory Supply Soft non woven/cotton elastic cohesive medical bandage

1.Material:Non woven,spandex


3.Length:4.5m or as request

4.Adhesive strength: 0.03N/mm-0.1N/mm

5.Elasticity ratio:1:2


1.Elastic non-woven substrate,hand tearable

2.High tensile strength, durable stickness

3.Soft and comfortable

4.Leaves no residue on body parts

5.Provide moderate to maximum compression

6.Stable and reliable cohesiveness

7.Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin,no pins or clips needed

8.Light weight,porous,Water resistant,will not loose by sweat or water

Nonwoven Medical Bandage

Nonwoven Medical Bandage B

Nonwoven Medical Bandage A