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in Stock Makeup Remover 1200PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Disenfecting Wipes

in Stock Makeup Remover 1200PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Disenfecting Wipes

Product Details

Our company has been serving every customer in the world with high-quality, high-performance Multi-peupose Nonwoven Roll Wipes, Makeup Removal Facial Wipes, Wet Wipes For Adults, and always insists on satisfying customers with pre-sales consultation, program consultation and after-sales service. We insist on keeping our promises and strive to enhance our core competitiveness and management level. If possible, be sure to send your needs with a detailed list including the style/item and quantity you require. Our company constantly improve customer satisfaction, so as to improve the level of enterprise service. In the process of production, we constantly improve production technology, accumulate working experience, improve management mechanism, introduce advanced technology and innovation.

Product Description

Wet wipes for kitchen cleaning

dry and wet variants spunlace non-woven cleaning wipes, reusable lightweight magic towel for kitchen

1. Basis Weight:60gsm-120gsm

2. Size:30cm*35cm, 30cm*50cm, 30cm*60cm, 35cm*60cm, etc.

3. Composition:100%Natural fiber, Natural fiber+ Polyester fiber, 100% Polyester with water absorbing function

4. Design & Colour:Wave, Square, Shuttle, embossing, etc. White Red Green Blue Yellow, etc.

5. Mesh:10, 18, 22, 40, etc

6. Description of cloth:Durable, Strong strength ,Machine washable, Flock free, Clear Mesh, Good water absorbency.

7. Features of wipes:

    Soft and absorbent

    Economical wipe

    Perfect for wiping hands and soaking up spills

    Provide better scrubbing power

    Stronger and excellent for drying

    High strength& evenness, disposable& reusable

8. Packing:

1) Packed in roll, shrink wrapped with color label, then packed in export carton or display box 

2) Packed in poly bag with color label, then packed in carton

9. Applications:Cleaning equipment, kitchen, furniture, floor etc.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'integrity, win-win, quality and service', constantly innovating technology, enriching product lines, and continuing to provide customers with superior quality and durable in Stock Makeup Remover 1200PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Disenfecting Wipes. With advanced scientific research technology and good business reputation, we provide customers with the best quality service. We have always insisted on putting quality in the first place.


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