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Soft Hot Air Through Nonwoven Adl Baby Diaper Raw Material

Soft Hot Air Through Nonwoven Adl Baby Diaper Raw Material

Product Details

We are relentless in our pursuit of technological innovation, pushing forward our Cleaning Wet Wipes, Viscose And Polyester Spunlace Nonwoven, Nonwoven Medical Mask upgrades and the development of our industry. The direction of our company's sustainable business is to keep improving and stop at perfection and the ultimate goal of our company is to serve consumers and repay the society. Layer by layer, we strive to give our best products and services to customers, welcome the majority of businesses to call and inquire. 'Challenge the limit of the industry and create the pioneer of low price bravely'. Our company will follow the development of the industry as always.

Product Description

Polyester viscose baby wet wipes is made of viscose mixed spunlace nonwoven, the component can be 20%viscose/80%polyester, 30%viscose/70%polyester, 40%viscose/60%polyester, 50%viscose/50%polyester, 60%viscose/40%polyester, 70%viscose/30%polyester.Different component has different water absorbing and its price is higher by more viscose mixed. 

Model No.:



Spunlace Nonwoven 



Fabric Type:




Fabric Weight:


Piece Size: 



30pcs/bag,48bags per carton

FOB Price:





30days after deposit

Polyester Viscose Baby Wet Wipes

In recent years, not only our business performance has been rising, but also our environmental protection concept has been improved and embodied in the production of Soft Hot Air Through Nonwoven Adl Baby Diaper Raw Material. Our products sell all over the domestic and abroad thanks for the regular and new customers support. We insist on total quality, full participation and quality management of all processes to maintain and enhance product brands.


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