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OEM Kitchen Stovetop and Barbecue Cleaning Large BBQ Wet Wipe

OEM Kitchen Stovetop and Barbecue Cleaning Large BBQ Wet Wipe

Product Details

We are specialized in manufacturing Dry Wipes For Floor Cleaning, Removable Packed Cleaning Wet Wipes, Medical Cleaning Wipes. We are supported by an experienced technical team, machining workers and strict inspection to offer various products with competitive prices and reliable quality. We actively strengthen the technical exchange with domestic and foreign enterprises, and develop a batch of new products. We welcome you to inquire us by call or mail and hope to build a successful and cooperative relationship. Our company aims to promote the whole to the competition ranks of international brands. We offer the great variety of products in this field.

Product Description

Wet wipes for kitchen cleaning

dry and wet variants spunlace non-woven cleaning wipes, reusable lightweight magic towel for kitchen

1. Basis Weight:60gsm-120gsm

2. Size:30cm*35cm, 30cm*50cm, 30cm*60cm, 35cm*60cm, etc.

3. Composition:100%Natural fiber, Natural fiber+ Polyester fiber, 100% Polyester with water absorbing function

4. Design & Colour:Wave, Square, Shuttle, embossing, etc. White Red Green Blue Yellow, etc.

5. Mesh:10, 18, 22, 40, etc

6. Description of cloth:Durable, Strong strength ,Machine washable, Flock free, Clear Mesh, Good water absorbency.

7. Features of wipes:

    Soft and absorbent

    Economical wipe

    Perfect for wiping hands and soaking up spills

    Provide better scrubbing power

    Stronger and excellent for drying

    High strength& evenness, disposable& reusable

8. Packing:

1) Packed in roll, shrink wrapped with color label, then packed in export carton or display box 

2) Packed in poly bag with color label, then packed in carton

9. Applications:Cleaning equipment, kitchen, furniture, floor etc.

Our mission is to keep our products ahead of the competition by constantly upgrading the quality of OEM Kitchen Stovetop and Barbecue Cleaning Large BBQ Wet Wipe and management functions. We believe that mutual respect and trust form the basis of effective working relationships, thus we treat each and every employee with respect. Learning is a virtue. If you don't want to fall behind, you have to keep learning.
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