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Non-Alcohol Makeup Remove Adult Wet Wipes with Single Pack

Non-Alcohol Makeup Remove Adult Wet Wipes with Single Pack

Product Details

Our company relies on strong R&D capital and technological innovation advantages, actively adapts to the development trend of the Mesh 40 Spunlace Nonwoven, Wet Wipes, Pet Wet Wipes For Skin Care industry, and strives to maintain a strong competitive advantage for the company's products. We will continue to enrich ourselves and forge ahead in the new century. Our company has a long-term development strategy. On the basis of stabilizing the existing products, we introduce research and development personnel in combination with scientific research institutions to build a scientific and technological innovation enterprise.

A real wipe with a product that destroys viruses

kills 99.9% of bacteria

It is made of biodegradable spunlace material,easy to remove when going out or at home.

Wipes size can be 200X300mm,150X200mm, 180X200cm or other customized.

Packaging can be 20pcs,50pcs,80pcs and so on.

The nonwoven material can be plain white or small pearl pattern.

alcohol wet wipes 20pcs packaging

Disinfecting wet wipes 20s

alcohol wipes 20s

alcohol wet wipes 20s

The perfect quality and competitive price of our Non-Alcohol Makeup Remove Adult Wet Wipes with Single Pack enable our company to win the support, praise and trust of our customers. We insist on the development idea of scale of operation, scientific management and internationalization of brand. We hope to form our own unique advantages in the international industrial division of labor and become a strategic partner of internationally renowned multinational companies.


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