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Natural Rose Petals Lavender Herbal Peel off Hydrogel Powder Face Jelly Mask

Natural Rose Petals Lavender Herbal Peel off Hydrogel Powder Face Jelly Mask

Product Details

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Seaweed fiber mask

Mask is no longer the carrier of essence. Through the fusion with water, seaweed fibers will become hydrogel, adsorb on the skin to give full play to its unique efficacy and increase the experience of facial mask.



Seaweed fiber, Lyocell  fiber



Replenish water, moisturize and absorb heavy metals


Usage method

First clean the face with warm water, then take out the dry mask from the bag, immerse it in 30 ml or more water for 10-15 seconds, take it out and apply it on the face, keep 10-15 minutes


Warm : due to the difference of personal skin characteristics, it is recommended to try it at the back of ear or inside of wrist before use. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it.

Camellia Mask Sheet

gauze face mask

white color Paper mulberry mask sheet samples

yellow color Paper mulberry mask sheet samples

We will make wonderful endeavours to build new and top-quality merchandise, satisfy your exclusive needs and provide you with pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale products and services for Natural Rose Petals Lavender Herbal Peel off Hydrogel Powder Face Jelly Mask. In the fierce competition in the market, our company has always insisted on pragmatic work to give customers peace of mind. Our company has advanced equipment and can conduct comprehensive experiments and tests on product performance.


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