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Makeup Cleaning Wet Wipes 10 PCS Factory Wholesale OEM

Makeup Cleaning Wet Wipes 10 PCS Factory Wholesale OEM

Product Details

We aspire to be the world's largest supplier of Box Packed Wet Wipes 100 pcs, Wet Wipes For Furniture Cleaning, Face Mask Spunlace Nonwoven Roll Material. Our company has received unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad for its high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. To have a good reputation in the international market is the expectation of every entrepreneur for his products. Only with a strong reserve of talents can we be invincible in the fierce market competition. Our company focuses on products that are both cost-effective and of high quality.

Product Description

Adult wet wipes for female makeup removal, lady female used sensitive skin makeup removal wet wipes, easy to clean up.

Material: Spunlace nonwoven

Component:100% cotton

Sheet size:20X10CM

We sell our regular wet wipes on line and do business of OEM orders.

Adult Wet Wipes for Female Makeup Removal

We have been committed to product technology and manufacturing innovation and research and development, and strive to provide customers with more optimized and economical Makeup Cleaning Wet Wipes 10 PCS Factory Wholesale OEM. After years of development and hard work, our employees have witnessed the glorious course from the beginning to the present and have established our reputation and reputation in the industry. Behind the sonorous and brilliant development, our excellent corporate culture, which has a long history and moistens the society, has led us all the way.
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