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High Quality Plastic Box Packed 80PCS Baby Wipes

High Quality Plastic Box Packed 80PCS Baby Wipes

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Our company adheres to the concept of innovation and development, invests heavily in technological innovation in Adult Wet Wipes For Leather Shoes Cleaning, Dry Wipes For Vehicle Cleaning, Alcohol Free Baby Wet Wipes, and has achieved rapid development in recent years. We are always committed to the development and utilization of new products by continuously improving our technologies. If you are interested in our products or want to cooperate with us, or even have comments or suggestions, please contact us immediately for more detailed information.

Box packed Wet Wipes
Packing:Towel size:20x15cm,100pcs per box
Material:100% viscose spunlace nonwoven

Spunlace Nonwoven Weight:50gsm


Box packed Baby Wipes

makeup removal wipes A.jpg

makeup removal wipes C.jpg

We believe that providing quality High Quality Plastic Box Packed 80PCS Baby Wipes at reasonable prices is the best way to return customers. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing technique, we will provide customers with better quality products at a more favorable price. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Through constant upgrading and improvement in practice, our products have finally won the affirmation of the market and have sprung up in the industry.


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