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Baby Diaper Nursing Use Non Woven Fabric SSS SMS

Baby Diaper Nursing Use Non Woven Fabric SSS SMS

Product Details

All the staffs of our company aim to build high quality Single Pack Wet Wipes For Restaurant, Adult Wet Wipes For Leather Shoes Cleaning, Barreled Cleaning Wet Wipes to return to our customers and society. Under the condition of ensuring the quality, we adhere to the international enterprise management standards as the guiding principle. The company has established a perfect marketing service network and actively exports its products to overseas markets. Our company always adheres to the enterprise tenet of 'honesty and truth-seeking, dedicated to service, only seeking satisfaction' and strives for continuous product innovation and service in line with customer demand.

Product Description

Polyester viscose baby wet wipes is made of viscose mixed spunlace nonwoven, the component can be 20%viscose/80%polyester, 30%viscose/70%polyester, 40%viscose/60%polyester, 50%viscose/50%polyester, 60%viscose/40%polyester, 70%viscose/30%polyester.Different component has different water absorbing and its price is higher by more viscose mixed. 

Model No.:



Spunlace Nonwoven 



Fabric Type:




Fabric Weight:


Piece Size: 



30pcs/bag,48bags per carton

FOB Price:





30days after deposit

Polyester Viscose Baby Wet Wipes

We integrate technological innovation into our development bloodline and hope to create Baby Diaper Nursing Use Non Woven Fabric SSS SMS that represent the advanced level of China and the world. We make effective use of customer knowledge, which can not only make customer relationship management more in line with the requirements of customers, but also make the development of enterprises closer to the requirements of the market. As a responsible company, we always pay attention to the health of our employees.


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