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Why Use Dry Baby Wipes

Mar 19, 2021

New-born babies have relatively delicate skin, so be careful when choosing items to use. As far as wet wipes are concerned, many people have not used them before, and they don't know what dry wipes look like and what are the specific uses. So, do newborns need to use dry wipes?

baby dry wipes

1. Reduce skin irritation. Dry wipes are not completely dry towels, they are similar to the wet wipes we usually use. But the humidity of wet wipes is not as high as that of wet wipes. Therefore, when wiping the baby's skin, the dry wipes can clean and clean the skin without irritating the skin because it is too wet. It has a good protective effect on the baby's skin.

2. The ingredients are safe. When buying baby wet wipes, you can pay attention to the ingredients written on the packaging. If there are no other ingredients except water, you can consider buying it. This kind of dry wipes contains only water and will not have side effects on the baby's skin. If the ingredients of the wet wipes contain some additives that you can't understand, try not to buy them.

Three, gentle care. Many mothers will notice that when wiping the baby's skin with a dry tissue or towel, they will wipe it a few more times in order to wipe it clean, and then the baby's skin will start to turn red. Although Baoma has wiped it gently, the dry tissue is very easy to damage the baby's skin. Therefore, the advantage of using dry wipes is that they will not be too wet and cause allergies; nor will they be too dry and damage the skin. Dry wipes can gently care for the newborn's skin.