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Why Baby Wipes Are Used

Jul 10, 2020

Baby wipes are specially used for babies. Unlike ordinary wipes, the material composition is relatively mild. According to the different parts used, they are divided into ordinary baby wipes and hand wipes. As babies are more active and often soil their bodies, moms will use it to wipe their babies' nose and so on. Specific use, the role of baby wipes have the following points.

1. Moisturizing: Baby skin is often easy to dry, especially in autumn and winter. When cleaning the baby's dirty hands and face, if you use ordinary paper towels or towels, it will not play a moisturizing role, and the general quality baby paper towels contain aloe and other moisturizing ingredients, which can moisturize the baby's skin The role.

2. Low friction: The baby's skin is delicate and the texture of the wipes is relatively soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so it is softer than towels and can reduce the friction damage to the baby's skin.

3. Bacteriostasis: Some baby wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. For small babies who are curious about the world all day long, they can certainly reduce the incidence of bacterial infections. probability.