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What Should We Pay Attention To When Giving Baby A Wet Towel?

Jan 03, 2019

Baby wipes are favored by the mothers because they are easy to use. But if improper use will affect the health of the baby, then what should we pay attention to when using wipes for the baby?

1. Trial before using new brand wet towels

Parents should try it on their babies before giving it to them. If there is a sensation of alcohol stimulation or allergy, don't give it to babies. This kind of wet towel may damage the baby's skin and body.

2. Not for sensitive and injured areas

It should not be directly used to wipe sensitive parts such as eyes and eardrums, as well as baby's genitals, skin damage and injured parts.

3. Stop use immediately if allergy occurs.

Some babies may be allergic to some wet paper towels, such as skin swelling, itching, irritation and other symptoms after the use of wet towels, should immediately stop using, serious should go to the hospital emergency.

4. Pay attention to sealing after use

After taking out the wet towel, the sealing sticker on the wet towel must be affixed well to prevent moisture evaporation and ensure its sterilization and disinfection effect.

5. Warm up slightly before use in cold weather

After the weather becomes cold, the wipes need to be heated slightly before being used by children to prevent cold.

6. Pay attention to the location and do not discard it at will.

Wet paper towels should be placed in a cool place where the baby can't touch them to avoid eating by mistake. Don't throw it away after using it

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