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What Is Kitchen Wipes

Feb 19, 2020

Kitchen wipes are items for scrubbing kitchen sinks, stoves and other kitchen and sanitary supplies. Kitchen wipes are mainly used to clean the kitchen. Good kitchen wipes contain natural antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit bacteria in the kitchen.

In the era when there are no kitchen wipes, people mainly use a rag to clean the kitchen. The rag can be reused, but after using it for a long time, it will emit a burst of smell, and it will become darker and darker, and it will not wash itself. Derived from bacteria. The emergence of kitchen wipes has solved the problem that rags cannot solve. Kitchen wipes are better at cleaning hoods, cooktops, kitchen countertops and other "heavy-hit areas" of bacteria, and they are easy to wipe. They can be used once. A wet cloth can wipe the cooker hood and the cooktop at once. Province, both safe and convenient.