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What Ingredients Can't Be Added To Infant Wipes? How To Choose Wipes?

Jun 09, 2019

1. Alcohol:

The main function of alcohol in wet paper towels is sterilization, but alcohol is highly volatile. After wiping, it is easy to make the skin surface water loss, feel tight and dry, resulting in skin water shortage and discomfort, so it is not suitable for infants and young children.

2, essence:

Spices and alcohol are thought to be prone to stimulation, so aromatic odors should be chosen according to consumers'preferences. However, the increased aromatic components increase the risk of skin allergy, so for infant products, natural purity should be ensured.

3. Fluorescent agent:

Fluorescent agents should not appear in wet paper towels, either. If there is fluorescent agent in the wet towel, it should be added in the treatment of non-woven raw materials. Although the fluorescent agent has little effect on human body as long as it is not eaten, but in excess contact, the fluorescent agent enters the human body through wounds or other ways, and binds to protein, which makes it difficult to excrete in vitro, and can cause cell mutation, thus potentially causing cancer.

4. Water that has not been sufficiently sterilized:

The main ingredient of baby wipes is water. This water must be treated pure water. Otherwise, the bacteria in the water will multiply in large numbers on the wipes, which is harmful to the skin and health of infants and young children.

Tip: How to buy safe wipes for your baby?

1. Tough can not be bought, poor quality wet towels generally tear not to break, use to pilling;

2. The thicker the liquid extruded from the wet towel, the less purchasable it is.

3. Wash your hands with water after wiping the wet towel. The proof of foaming contains a lot of additives, which can not be used frequently.

4. Don't buy the best one with fragrance and alcohol. There are spice additives and alcohol, which can cause allergic reactions.

5. Check whether the packaging is in good condition and do not buy if it is damaged.

6. Look at the production information of wet towel: including production date, manufacturer, factory site, telephone, shelf life, effective ingredients, production batch number, hygiene license number, implementation of hygiene standard number, use instructions and precautions. If the information is incomplete, vague or out of date, it's better not to buy it.

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