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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Using Baby Wipes In Winter?

Oct 23, 2020

Baby wipes, like diapers and milk powder, have become indispensable daily necessities for infants and young children. The baby wipes on the market are mainly divided into ordinary wipes used to wipe small butt, and hand mouth wipes used to wipe the face and hands. If not specified, they are used to wipe the butt.

It has to be said that the emergence of baby wipes makes the process of baby care simple and convenient. However, infant skin is extremely delicate, so the requirements for wipes are particularly high.

1. Don't use wet wipes when it's cold

We often find that it's cool to open the package and take it out, especially when the weather is cold. If you wipe the baby with a wet towel at this time, it may cause the baby to catch cold or have diarrhea, especially when you wipe PP with a wet towel, which is more likely to cause diarrhea. So mothers usually give their babies time, first ensure the temperature of the time, and then contact the baby's skin.

2. Sensitive parts

When we buy the time, we will find that the package says to avoid contact with eyes, mouth and nose, etc., but in life, this kind of prompt is often ignored by some mothers. When using wipes for babies, some sensitive parts should not be wiped with wipes as far as possible, such as baby, eyes, eardrum, mouth and other parts, which are very sensitive and small for the baby The baby's skin is tender and the time of use is unqualified. When wiping the baby, it is easy to cause the baby's body parts to be infected, which is not conducive to the baby's skin health.