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Wet Wipes Manufacturers Give You Popular Knowledge Of Invisible Baby Wipes

Oct 23, 2020

Baby wipes are specially designed for babies. Compared to adult wipes. Baby wipes are more demanding. Because the baby's skin is very delicate. It's very allergic. So now, many wet paper towels on the market contain a variety of additives. If babies are exposed to too many preservatives, alcohol and other chemical components, it is easy to cause contact dermatitis and other skin allergies. Moreover, most parents will not wash their hands after using wet paper towel, resulting in chemical residues in the hands, which will have adverse effects on the baby. It is worth noting that the qualified wet paper towel will not be fluffy when using, and parents should pay attention to its quality when purchasing wet paper towel.

In addition, the basic ingredients of wet paper towel is non fragrant, and fragrant wet paper towel is realized by adding fragrance agent. It is suggested that parents choose non fragrant wet paper towel for their baby, which can effectively reduce the baby's exposure to excessive additives.

Baby wipes knowledge science to introduce to you

In addition, three "don't" should be done when selecting qualified wipes

1. Do not reuse wet paper towel. Instead of removing bacteria, it will transfer some viable bacteria to the unpolluted surface;

2. Do not use wet paper towel to wipe hands instead of washing hands. In fact, the disinfection method is to wash hands with soap and wash them with running water;

3. Do not directly wipe the eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane with wet wipes. If skin redness, itching, irritation and other symptoms appear after using the wipes, they should stop using immediately. If they are serious, they should go to the hospital for treatment. The baby's skin is very tender. If the wipes are added with chemicals such as alcohol, essence, preservatives and so on, it will irritate the baby's skin and cause allergy. So choose the wet towel with no alcohol, essence and preservatives as far as possible.