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Three Points To Know About Using Wet Towels

Dec 17, 2018

There are two kinds of baby wipes, one is the ordinary wipes, used to wipe the buttocks, the other is the hand-mouth wipes, specially used to clean baby's hands and mouth. When using wipes for babies, we should know the following three points.

NO.1 No wet wipes for wounds

When the baby's skin has a wound, should stop using wet towels, to avoid chemical stimulation to the wound. When you go out, you can wipe your baby's buttocks with a wet towel, but it is recommended not to clean your baby's mouth with a wet towel, nor to wipe your eyes.

NO.2 wipes only one place

A wet towel can only be wiped in one place. Wiping different places is spreading bacteria. According to research, although cleaning wipes can remove superbacteria, they can also spread bacteria immediately when they are used to wipe different objects.

NO.3 Do not choose wet towels that are not packed separately

The use of wet towels that are not packed separately will lead to more and more bacteria when exposed to air. It is suggested that when purchasing wet towels, choose large brands and wet towels with independent packaging

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