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Test Method For The Quality Of Baby Wipes

Sep 27, 2018

1. Testing Wear Resistance: Take a piece of wet towel and wipe it on the plane for dozens of times, then compare the surface of the wet towel with the situation of fuzzing, the quality of the wet towel with less or no fuzzing is better.

2. Test moisturizing: wipe the back of the hand with a wet towel, and then wait 5 minutes, 30 minutes to observe the humidity of the back of the hand, the back of the hand moisturizing degree is better, indicating that the wet towel moisturizing effect is also better.

3. Test pH: The easiest way to test the pH value of baby wipes is to soak the liquid with a clean plastic glove and then compare the color of the test paper to determine the pH value of the wipes.

The nearer the pH of the baby's wet towel to the baby's skin, the better. The pH of the baby's skin is generally about 6.5. After six months, the pH of the baby's skin is about 6.0. After one year old, the pH of the baby's skin is close to that of the adult's about 5.5.

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