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Spunlaced Non-woven Materials And Processing Principles?

Mar 29, 2018


(1) Natural fiber: cotton, wool, hemp, silk;

(2) Conventional fiber: Viscose rayon, polyester fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber;

(3) Differential fiber: superfine fiber, profiled fiber, low melting point fiber, high crimp fiber, antistatic fiber;

(4) High functional fiber: aromatic polyamide fiber, carbon fiber, metal fiber.


The principle of reinforcing the fiber net by the method of water needling is similar to that of acupuncture, but it uses high pressure to produce many strands of micro-jet fiber net. Water jet through the fiber net, entrusted with the rebound of the net curtain, again interspersed with fiber nets, thus, fiber network in different directions of high-speed water jet interspersed with the hydraulic action, resulting in displacement, interspersed, tangles and hugs, so that the fiber net was strengthened.