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Newcomers'parents Are Fastidious In Choosing Baby Wipes For Their Children

Mar 20, 2019

The baby's skin is delicate, usually parents will choose baby wipes to help the baby wipe his hands and buttocks. However, in the face of many brands of baby wipes on the market, do you really choose to buy just as parents? Novice parents should pay attention to it. Choosing baby wipes is about skills!

The baby wet towel is a special wet towel for babies. Compared with adult wipes. Baby wipes are more demanding. Because baby's skin is very delicate. It's very allergic. So it's also a learning for parents to choose baby wipes for their babies. How to choose baby wipes?

1. Pay attention to the ingredients of wet paper towels

The baby's skin is very tender. If the wipes are added with chemicals such as alcohol, essence, preservatives and so on, it will irritate the baby's skin and cause allergy. So choose the wet towel with no alcohol, essence and preservatives as far as possible.

2. Pay attention to sealing

When we choose wet paper towel, we must take good care of its packaging sealing. Because the packaging is well sealed, the efficacy of keeping the sterilization and disinfection of the wet towel is high. Packing of bagged wet towels should be sealed and not damaged. Packing of boxed and canned wet towels should also be complete and not damaged. After taking the wet towel, the parents of novices should affix the sealing strip immediately to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause the wet towel to dry and affect its use effect.

3. Choose brand wipes

Choose brand as far as possible for baby's wipes. The quality of such wipes is guaranteed. The materials used are qualified after testing, especially suitable for infants. For example, wet towel than water, brand wet towel will use clean and pure water, has been sterilized, and miscellaneous brands in order to reduce costs, water quality is difficult to say.

4. Pay attention to feel and smell

There are many different kinds and brands of wet paper towels. Different wet paper towels differ greatly in feel and smell. Some wipes are very dense, some are very soft, some are fragrant, some are basically odorless. I suggest that mothers-to-be should buy wet paper towels with soft, thick feel and no fragrance. If baby wipes are soft, children will use them more comfortably.

5. Give your baby a try first.

When parents buy wet towels for their babies, they can take out a piece and give it to their babies first to see if it feels uncomfortable, and then decide whether to buy it or not. Or buy a small package of trial clothes when you buy them, and buy more when you feel good about it.

6. Choose a reasonable price for wet wipes

Because the baby wipes are specially treated, the processing process is complex and the material is exquisite, the cost is naturally much higher, so the price is higher than other wipes. If the baby wipes are cheap, the quality will not be guaranteed. So don't feel that baby wipes are expensive. For the sake of baby's health, we should choose the right price. Don't be greedy for cheap.

7. Choose suitable wipes according to their use

Baby wet towel is generally divided into ordinary wet towel and mouth and nose wet towel, ordinary wet towel is mainly to wipe the baby's buttocks, body and other parts besides the face; mouth and nose wet towel is mainly to wipe the mouth and nose, eyes, hands, so when choosing wet towel, we should distinguish between uses, two kinds of wet towels should not be mixed, otherwise it will be harmful to the baby's health.

8. Choose the wet towel with better material

Different wet towels use different non-woven fabrics. When choosing wet towels for babies, try to use Spunlaced non-woven fabrics. Such wet towels are stronger and not easy to shed and deform. Babies are more comfortable to use.

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