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Is Wet Wipes Safe For Babies

May 18, 2019

The children of every family are the treasures of their parents' hands, and they wish to give the best to their children. From the preparation of pregnancy, pregnancy to birth, the preparation of things is too much, such as baby wipes, is currently one of the household must prepare for the newborn supplies, usually used to clean and wipe, very convenient.

However, on market a lot of baby wet towel, pattern is much, brand is much, how should be so choose and buy? Which wipes are not recommended? What details and problems should be paid attention to in the process of use? These problems, let us discuss together today!

What kinds of wet wipes can't be bought?

1. You can't buy wet wipes with added ingredients.

My parents choose the time of wet wipes, to choose the composition is simple, the more the better, so the smaller the damage to the baby, don't be pure natural, pure plants, also look at adding ingredients, should choose those with no alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleaching powder, chemical essence and pigment composition of these dangers, the content of the composition table display as simple as possible!

2. Wet wipes with two types of preservatives can't be bought.

Generally, there are preservatives added in wet wipes, but you can't buy wet wipes containing CIT and MIT, which are widely used in cosmetics. However, baby's skin is very delicate, and if used for a long time, the wet wipes containing CIT and MIT will cause irritation to the skin, and severe chemical burns.

3.Don't buy alcohol wipes.

Alcohol to baby stimulation, will affect the development of the baby's brain, and the volatile nature of alcohol will lead to the baby already dehydrated skin become more dry, therefore, parents to carefully study the ingredients table.

4. You can't buy the scented wipes.

This kind of wet towel is easy to cause baby's delicate skin allergy, to choose tasteless wet towel, safe rest assured.

5, to choose a big brand of formal baby wipes.

When shopping for wipes, parents should pay attention to the product information on the wipes, such as the date of production, site, ingredient list, batch number and so on. Of course, the side of the product can also understand the quality and credibility of the product. Secondly, there is the sealing degree of the wet towel, whether the package is intact and easy to paste, or the bacteria is easy to invade.

Second, in the use of the process should pay attention to the problems and details?

1. Many brands of baby wipes are divided into mouth tissue and fart tissue, which should not be confused. Their USES are different, and they are different for cleaning baby parts.

2. The parts cleaned by wet wipes cannot be used repeatedly in other parts to avoid bacterial infection and pay attention to cleanliness.

3. Do not overuse for a long time without interruption, which will destroy the baby's flora, reduce immunity and resistance, and make them more susceptible to illness. It is recommended to wash the baby with warm water in time for a safer and softer skin.

4, easy to red baby, careful mother can be in the bath after the baby tupi cream. In winter, the wet towel is too cold. You can wring the wet towel out of the hot water and give it to the child to wipe, or you can use the wet towel heater to avoid the cold and fever caused by the cold.

If the baby often red fart, in every cleaning after the fart care, put on some buttock cream can help prevent the phenomenon of baby red fart.