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Introduction Of Non-woven Fabrics And Application In Corresponding Industries

Oct 07, 2020

A nonwoven fabric consisting of fibers, filaments, or chopped yarns forming a web and bonded together by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means. These fabrics are flat, porous plates made of different fibers or molten plastics. They are usually made by bonding or felt. Synthetic fibers are bonded by heat or adhesive, and fabrics are bonded together. Wool fibers or animal hair tangled with heat, pressure, or moisture to form a felt. Nonwovens have the characteristics of being universal by the materials and processes used, such as printing, laminating, forming and embossing. They are generally created with a good balance between cost and product life. They are used in a variety of consumer and industrial products, including construction, engineering, filtration, healthcare, home, clothing and absorbent health products. According to the purpose of use, nonwovens are created with high durability, single use durability or limited service life.

For example: non woven fabric has strong moisture absorption. The non-woven fabric can prevent and reduce the occurrence of leaf diseases and rotten fruits. The non-woven fabric is exposed to the sun in the daytime, and the moisture in the cloth evaporates. It can absorb the water from the transpiration of leaves at night. According to the results of our experiments in several years, there are few diseases.

The above examples introduce the application of non-woven fabrics in agriculture. Let's take a look at the application of non-woven fabrics in medicine

In terms of environmental protection of medical non-woven fabrics, it is more characterized by high filtration of bacteria and dust, low surgical infection rate, convenient disinfection and sterilization, and easy to composite with other materials. Therefore, it is deeply loved by workers in the future. The above is the extensive use of non-woven fabrics in medical application, not only in medicine, but also in industry and agriculture, and then continue to be loved by us.

Knowledge ocean: excellent properties of UHMWPE fiber nonwoven fabric

1、 The relative density is 0.97, only 2-3 of aramid and half of carbon fiber.

2、 Excellent impact performance, because it is a thermoplastic fiber with low glass transition temperature, good toughness and impact resistance compared with carbon fiber, aramid fiber or glass fiber

All the composite materials are high.

3、 Good chemical corrosion resistance and weather resistance, able to withstand most of the chemical substances;

4、 Superior electrical insulation and wear resistance, its dielectric constant and dielectric loss value is low; compared with carbon steel, brass wear resistance several times, belongs to the wear-resistant crown.