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Ingredients That Cannot Be Added To Baby Wipes

Jan 15, 2019

The ingredients that can not be added to baby wipes include alcohol, essence, preservatives, fluorescent agents and water that are not adequately sterilized. Let's see why these five ingredients can not be added.

1. alcohol

The main function of alcohol in wet paper towels is sterilization, but alcohol is volatile. After wiping, it is easy to make the skin surface water loss, feel tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for babies.

2. essence

Spices and alcohol are thought to be prone to stimulation, so aromatic odors should be chosen according to consumers'preferences. However, the increased aromatic components increase the risk of skin allergy, so for infant products, natural purity should be ensured. So at present, many brands of wet paper towels are clearly marked "alcohol-free and spice added".

3. preservatives

The purpose of preservatives is to protect products from microbial contamination and prolong shelf life and service life of products. However, improper use of preservatives can lead to allergic dermatitis. In addition to spices, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin allergies and irritation.

4. fluorescent agent

Fluorescent agents should not appear in wet paper towels, either. If the wet towel contains fluorescent agent, it should be added in the treatment of non-woven raw materials, which is also harmful to the baby's skin.

5. Water that has not been sufficiently sterilized

The main ingredient of baby wipes is water. This water must be treated pure water. Otherwise, the bacteria in the water will multiply in large numbers on the wipes, which is harmful to the baby's skin and health.

However, the main components of wet towels are non-woven fabrics, water and additives.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun. It is made by directly bonding fibers together by physical (mechanical, thermal) or chemical methods. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use cotton cloth or fibre materials instead. The wet paper towels of these materials are easy to mildew and deteriorate. The cloth has impurities and is easy to fuzz in use. Once mildew has been found on the wipes, the wipes should not be used.


The content of liquid medicine in wet towel generally accounts for about 80%. Too low a wet paper towel will feel dry, on the contrary, too high a content will feel too wet, inconvenient to use. Therefore, after testing, the most appropriate proportion of liquid medicine is about 80%. More than 90% of the liquid is water. In order to avoid the reaction between the components in the water and the liquid, the water used in the wet paper towel must be specially treated water. This is the meaning of "refined water", "pure water" and "RO pure water" indicated in the composition table.


There are various additives in wet paper towels, and the greatest difference among different brands of wet paper towels is also found. Most additives are labeled by chemical names, which are not understood by ordinary consumers. In fact, although the use of different supplies, but the role is much the same, the key is what the use of these raw materials, the baby's skin will have any impact? What impact on the baby's skin, I think you should also know, so Xiaobian does not explain more here.

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