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How To Use Wet Paper Napkin?

Sep 11, 2018

In fact, the napkin itself is effective, and the key is to use it correctly. According to statistics, Americans spend about $1 billion a year on antibacterial products such as wet paper towels and disinfectants. In China, more and more people use wet paper towels. But there are many misunderstandings in the way of use.

1 irreplaceable hand washing

Many wet napkins publicize "disinfection and sterilization". People will not wash their hands after using wet napkins. Doctors stressed that no matter how many times wet tissue wipe hands can remove skin surface bacteria, hand washing with soap, coupled with the flow of water, is the cleanest.

2 don't wipe your eyes directly.

Especially need to remind is to use less wet paper towel wipe face, especially do not directly wipe the eyes, middle ear and mucosa, such as skin swelling, itching and other symptoms, should immediately stop using.

3 no reuse.

Repeated use of wet paper towels, instead of eliminating bacteria, transfers some of the surviving bacteria to unpolluted surfaces

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