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How To Identify Which Baby Wipes Are Suitable For Babies?

Aug 20, 2018

Nowadays we often hear the saying that it is necessary to bring a child's artifact. Some of these things really make it easy for mothers to bring their babies. For example, baby wipes, use very convenient and clean, no matter where the baby dirty, anytime and anywhere out to wipe, it will be very clean, especially after the baby stool, take a wet wipe to wipe the buttocks, use up directly throw away, feel clean and sanitary. But the baby's wet wipes on the market are different. How do we tell which baby wipes are suitable for babies?

Quality wet towel identification method:

Extrusion: Twist the wet towel vigorously, good wet towel only add stimulating little or natural skin care formula, the extruded liquid is transparent and clear, with light Milky white, no bubble; if the extrusion of more bubbles, turbid and viscous, indicating too many chemical additives.

Burn: wring dry wipes and ignite with fire. Wet towels with alcoholic and other chemical ingredients can burn quickly and emit smoke and pungent odor. Wet towels without additives emit only a light smell when burned.

Look: if the surface of the wet towel looks bright, it means that there are too many additives and chemical fibers.

Smell: If the wipes contain fragrance, it will irritate the baby's skin and bring harm to the baby. Therefore, when purchasing wipes, we should choose the natural fragrance-free baby wipes.