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How To Choose Wet Wipes?

Apr 11, 2020

≥Independent packaging is more convenient. When choosing wet tissues, it is best to choose the kind of independent packaging, which is easy to use. The whole package is easy to dry and affect the texture if it is used up all at once.

≥Identify and remember the shelf life. "Ordinary wipes" are mainly used to clean the skin, and the shelf life is generally 6 months to 3 years; "Disinfectant wipes" are used for skin cleaning, smoothing, disinfection, and sterilization. The shelf life is 2 years; "Baby special nursing wipes" have a general shelf life 1.5-3 years; the shelf life of "Women's Makeup Remover Wipes" is generally 3 years; the shelf life of "Women's Care Wipes" is generally 1 year.

≥Baby wipes are best packed in cans and boxes. If it is the best choice for babies, it is more convenient to choose canned or boxed, if it is bagged, it is very troublesome to use it, and the amount of canned and boxed is relatively sufficient.

≥Pay attention to the senses. Qualified wipes have a soft, light taste, white texture, and will not fluff after use.

≥Pay attention to tightness. The packaging is well sealed to maintain the effectiveness of the disinfection and disinfection of wipes. After taking the wipes, the sealing strip should be attached immediately and kept in a cool place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, causing the wipes to dry and affect the use effect.

≥Brand purchase is more assured. To ensure the quality of wet wipes, you can also look at the product brand. Note that the outer packaging should include the name, address, telephone, shelf life, effective ingredients, production batch number, production date, hygiene license number, health standard number, instructions for use and precautions.