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How To Choose Kitchen Wipes

Dec 11, 2020

Kitchen wipes are specially used to clean up kitchen grease, and do not have the characteristics of absorbing food moisture and oil. And the wet wipes contain additives, flavors, alcohol and other chemicals. Pay attention to when buying kitchen wipes:

1. It mainly depends on its decontamination ability, and whether it is safe, gentle and does not hurt hands.

2. There is a difference between kitchen paper and kitchen wipes. Kitchen paper is the same as napkins, but it is rougher and similar to hand-wiping paper towels and has a certain cleaning effect. But kitchen wipes are degreasing, and are used for degreasing on stovetops and range hoods.

3. The outer packaging should contain the factory name, address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, sanitation license number, implementation sanitation standard number, instructions for use and precautions.

4. Wet wipes for different purposes have their own shelf life, which should be seen clearly when buying.