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How To Choose Disinfection Wipes

Jun 13, 2020

During the epidemic, wipes have always been hot products that people are rushing to buy, but consumers are not very clear about the difference between wipes.

Wet wipes are divided into ordinary wet wipes, sanitary wet wipes and disinfectant wet wipes according to their functions. Wet wipes with different functions adopt different hygienic standards, performance indicators and application ranges.

Standards for ordinary wipes and sanitary wipes are relatively complete and widely used. Ordinary wipes must comply with GB/T27728 product standards and GB15979 hygiene standards. In addition to complying with the GB15979 hygiene standard, sanitary wipes must also comply with the WS575 "Sanitary Wipes Sanitation Requirements" standard, and also refer to the GB/T27728 product standard.

In terms of function and technical indicators, the function of ordinary wet wipes is to clean, no sterilization indicators, and the microbe itself does not exceed the standard. The function of sanitary wipes is to clean and sterilize. In addition to its own microorganisms not exceeding the standard, it must also have a sterilization effect of more than 90% on the microorganisms on the surface of the pollutant. The function of disinfecting wipes is to clean and disinfect. The rate of bacteria killing is significantly higher than that of sanitary wipes. It is suitable for the surface of human body, general objects, medical instruments and other objects.

For the alcohol wipes that were popular during the epidemic, 75% alcohol wipes were effective in killing bacteria after testing. However, alcohol itself is more irritating to the skin and is not recommended for frequent use in daily life, especially for children with delicate skin.

Safe to use in moderation and in moderation

Consumers generally choose sanitary wipes and ordinary wipes for daily protection. Are these wipes products that are in direct contact with our skin really safe?

Wet wipes mostly use chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine acetate, benzalkonium bromide, benzalkonium chloride and other low-efficiency disinfectants. According to different use parts such as hands, skin and mucous membranes, the dosage of disinfectants has strict limits. Wet wipes must undergo a toxicological safety test before going to market, requiring no irritation or mild irritation to the hands, skin, and mucous membranes, and no or allergic skin allergies. Only after passing the test can they be marketed. When consumers use it, referring to the designated application range of each type of wipes for moderate and appropriate use, there is no need to worry too much about the safety of ingredients.

As a product that directly contacts the user's hands, mouth, eyes and other parts, wet wipes also have strict requirements in the production environment. According to the provisions of the GB15979 hygiene standard, there are strict limits on the total number of bacterial colonies on the workbench of the wet tissue assembly and packaging workshop, the surface of the workers' hands, and even the air. Regular wet tissue manufacturers will build the production workshop strictly according to the requirements. Choose a large brand, with authoritative testing and certification products, can be used with confidence.

Be careful when choosing wipes

Sterile wipes, alcohol wipes, pure water wipes, skin cleansing wipes, hand wipes... The wipes on the market have a variety of names, and it is difficult for consumers to correctly select products that suit their needs. So how to choose the right wipes?

In the epidemic stage, the wipes can be selected according to different usage scenarios. Sterile wipes and 75% alcohol wipes should be used after entering or leaving high-risk places such as hospitals or after contact with symptomatic high-risk groups. For daily protection, general purpose wipes and sanitary wipes can be used for cleaning purposes.

For younger groups, the selection of wipes should be more careful. Infants should reduce the frequency of use of irritating products, try to choose some well-known brand baby wipes

The label information of the outer packaging of the wet wipes has strict labeling regulations. Consumers should carefully read the information on the ingredients, instructions for use, shelf life and other information on the product packaging when purchasing products, and use them according to the corresponding instructions for different scenarios and groups of people.

I hope that the above article can help you better choose wipes