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Function And Material Of Baby Wipes

Sep 05, 2018

1 functions

Baby wipes can be divided into disinfection wipes and hand and mouth wipes according to their different functions, with disinfection and antibacterial functions. Different brands of wipes have different prices, and the comfort of babies is different, so they can be purchased according to actual use. At present, the better word-of-mouth for infant sensitive skin of the heart print baby wet towel, Cherry baby wet towel, Bobo baby, Miao Jiesi and other special wipes and Johnson baby wet towel.

2 material

The cost and price of wipes mainly depend on non-woven fabrics. Baby wet towel is generally used Spunlaced non-woven cloth, divided into two kinds of direct and cross-laying, the tensile property of the direct spread is poor, thin and transparent easy to deformation, hair, causing discomfort for the baby. Cross web is also called vertical and horizontal weave. It has no tensile deformation, and the cloth is thick and hard to penetrate.

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