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Do You Want Your Baby To Use Baby Wipes? What Kind Of Wet Towel Is Suitable For Baby?

Sep 02, 2018

Newcomer parents are cautious about using baby products for babies. Many parents are struggling to use baby wipes? Use it, alcohol, preservatives, fragrances, fluorescent agents emerge in endlessly, not reassured. No, it's not convenient to wipe your hands and wipe your small mouth.

If the baby's father is the most useless mother-to-child product, then baby wipes should be the most commonly used mother-to-child product.

Daddies and mothers who always use wet towels should know that it is a very troublesome thing to smoke wet towels, too much smoke and can not be stuffed back, trouble and waste.

And a wet towel is very important. Sealing means better sealing, so that the wet towel can keep moisturizing and clean. If the packaging is not sealed properly, wet towels may evaporate into "dry towels", and may breed bacteria, baby's delicate skin can not carry ah.

Baby wipes are more important natural fragrance-free, because the baby's skin is very delicate, overweight fragrance baby can not bear ah, especially will cause the baby's skin burden, choosing scent-free wet paper wipes means less contact with additives, so it is best to buy baby wipes without any fragrance.

In line with the principle that the patient with difficult choice can not see the death without help, the smart baby hand mouth soft wet towel timely delivery, pen core ~

The smart wipes are designed for babies. In addition to wiping hands, wiping buttocks and so on, they can also clean the baby's mouth.

The skin pH of the newborn is about 6.5, which begins to decrease to about 6.0 six months later, and is close to 5.5 for adults one and a half years later. A good baby wipes is better than the pH value of the skin. This stimulation is relatively small. Smart hand mouth soft wet towel, Ph value 5.5, close to the baby's skin pH, gentle does not harm the baby's skin. Double layer cover sealing design, good sealing, effective isolation of bacterial infection, will not cause waste.

Smart baby hand and mouth wipes are made of EDI pure water technology, high purity and cleaner, non-alcoholic, non-irritating. Imported Spunlaced non-woven fabrics are made by special technology. It feels extremely soft and stimulating. It can effectively fit the fine texture on the skin and make the skin cleaner and more thorough.

A good wet towel depends not only on the pH value, softness, packaging and other conditions, but also on the liquid content of the wet towel. It is also an important factor in assessing the quality of the wet towel. Smart hand-mouth soft wet towel has 3.5 times the scientific moisture content to ensure the use of feel, decontamination effect and preservation time.

Clever, smart and compact outer packing, does not occupy the bag space, does not contain the weight, may carry along. A good solution to the need for children to travel, dinner, walk with a large bag of wet towel

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