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Do You Know The Right Way To Choose Wipes According To Your Needs

Oct 23, 2020

According to the needs of the right selection of wipes

1. General cleaning, at home or out for use, can choose the general wipes, to achieve the purpose of cleaning;

2. For those with higher standards and expected to have corresponding actual effect of sterilization after scrubbing, sanitary wipes can be selected, but sanitary wipes can only have corresponding actual bacteriostatic effect, and they will have sterilization effect for a period of time after scrubbing, which can not achieve the actual effect of disinfection and sterilization;

3. In view of the special requirements, it is expected that the wipes can be sterilized quickly and have disinfection and sterilization effect. In such a case, disinfection wipes must be selected to achieve complete sterilization. The key is to prevent influenza outbreak.

Therefore, under the premise of reasonable selection of wipes, the cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization functions can be achieved. Not all wipes have the same function. This is a wrong idea.