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Discrimination Of Wet Wipes And Matters Needing Attention

Mar 28, 2019

1. Put the wet towel on your nose and sniff it gently. If it is a high-quality wet towel, we will smell a soft and elegant taste. It does not have any irritation. If it is a pack of inferior wet towels, we will feel a distinct irritating smell when we smell it.

2. High-quality wet towel women's flower towel is made of high-quality raw materials, we can see that non-woven fabric is white, without any impurities. The raw materials of inferior wet towels are very poor. We can see that there are obvious impurities on them. In the process of using high-quality wet towels, there will be no obvious hair-raising phenomenon, while in the process of using inferior wet towels, there is obvious hair-raising phenomenon.

3. After removing the wet towel, if the wet towel has mildew and mildew spots, the wet towel should not be used. If you feel skin irritation in the process of using wipes, itching and pain should also be stopped immediately, so as not to cause greater harm.

Cautions for wet wipes

1. Baby wipes are insoluble in water. Don't throw them in the toilet to avoid clogging.

2. If the skin has wounds or symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, please stop using and consult the doctor in time.

3. Please don't put it in the place where the high temperature and sunshine can shine. Make sure to close the seal after use.

4. Keep it out of reach of the baby's hands so that the baby will not eat it by mistake.

5. Open the sealing sticker when using, and close the sticker when not using, so as to keep the wet towel moist.

6. In order to keep baby wipes moist, different types of wipes should be selected according to the actual use.

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