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Did You Use Baby Wipes

May 16, 2020

Newborn babies not only have delicate skin, but also often get dirty easily. In addition to replacing baby hair towels, baby wipes can clean and wash baby's dirty hands and dirty faces, and also play a role in moisturizing and moisturizing. It is also a good helper for baby's diarrhea and small ass. I believe that washing the baby several times a day is a headache for moms, but wiping with baby wipes is much more convenient, saves time and effort, can also save costs, and can be cleaned more cleanly. .


Moisturizing: Baby skin is often very dry, especially in the autumn and winter seasons. When cleaning the baby's dirty hands and face, if you use ordinary toilet paper or hair towels, they will not play the role of moisturizing and moisturizing. Generally, the baby tissues with better quality and better quality contain aloe and other moisturizing moisturizing Ingredients can moisturize your baby's skin.


Small sliding friction: the baby's skin is delicate, the texture of the wet tissue is relatively soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so it is softer and softer than hand towels, which can reduce the sliding friction on the baby's skin hurt.


Antibacterial: Some baby wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of fine bacteria. For the baby who eats the world full of curiosity and eats and touches the world all day long, of course Can reduce the chance of reducing bacterial infections.