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Cleaning Non-woven Products Should Be Careful

Sep 08, 2020

After we buy this kind of product, we must clean and care, otherwise, it will gradually lose its quality, and it will become worse and worse. You can delay the cleaning of non-woven fabrics for several days, even once a month, but cleaning is indispensable. Maybe you don't understand that your cleaning method is wrong. Your behavior may make the non-woven fabric dry and bring potential harm. If it goes on for such a long time, it will produce irreparable problems. The following small series to introduce the cleaning knowledge of non-woven fabrics.

When cleaning the non-woven fabric, you should pay attention to whether the water used is clean. It is best to wash it with warm water. After washing, you should change the water to clean it. Generally speaking, we should try to ensure its cleanliness, remove the dirt inside, and do not damage the non-woven fabric. In this way, its gloss will be reduced. Generally speaking, when cleaning this product, you should not be careless, but consider the long-term factors.

Non woven fabrics can win a market. Non woven fabrics in a broad sense are widely used in cloth bags and wallpaper, as well as in industry. The type introduced today is more in contact with people's life.

Non woven fabric with its own characteristics and advantages in the field of non-woven industrial textiles to win a certain market, out of a counter trend rising independent market, is a beautiful scenery. However, with the continuous growth of demand and technological progress, the development of the industry has been pushed to a new stage.

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