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Child Care Device, Baby Wipes, Improper Use Of Artifact, Weapon

Sep 02, 2018

Myth 1: big cards are safe.

Nowadays, the baby products market is so complicated that many parents blindly choose the big brands. Little do they know that there are many problems in the big brands. It is better to learn to look at the ingredients themselves than to blindly choose the big brands.

Choose baby wipes without adding is the most critical, parents should pay attention to the packaging when buying the product ingredients, if contains alcohol, flavor, propylene glycol, pigment, fluorescent agent and other ingredients are not recommended to buy.

Myth two: smell with fragrance.

Remind parents to use baby products as far as possible to choose natural fragrance-free, many fragrant products will contain some chemical flavor. Essence will stimulate the baby's skin, to bring harm to the baby, natural fragrance is a better choice.

Myth three: use wipes to wipe glasses, wounds and middle ear.

Do not directly use a wet towel to wipe some sensitive parts and key parts, if you use a wet towel to clean the dirt here, not only can not be cleaned, but also easy to aggravate bacterial infection. To avoid the wound site, prevent the components in the wet tissue from invading the baby's wound, causing infection and inflammation.

Myth four: a wet towel is used repeatedly.

After wiping your mouth with a wet towel, you can also wipe your hands and toys. Although it sounds very environmentally friendly, it is easy to cause bacterial cross-contamination, easily bring infection to your baby, thus causing diarrhea or skin inflammation.

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