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Can Newborns Use Wet Wipes?

Sep 19, 2020

The skin of newborns is very soft and easily affected by the outside world. People should be especially careful when taking care of the skin of newborns. Moreover, the feeding of newborns is very stressful for some novice parents. If there are problems with improper methods, can newborns use wet wipes?

Wet wipes are a kind of daily necessities commonly used in our lives. There are many types of wet wipes in supermarkets, and some are specially prepared for babies. Wet wipes are very convenient to use and carry, but some babies have also experienced allergies, so mothers are also worried that wet wipes will affect the baby's health.

Newborns can of course use wet tissues. Newborns’ skin is especially delicate and should be wiped with baby wet tissues every time they urinate. For things like wet tissues that need to be in close contact with newborns, novice parents must be careful when choosing them, so as to prevent newborns from using bad wet tissues on their skin and causing problems for new mothers.

At the same time, parents should not often use wet wipes to clean the baby's face, because even the wet wipes specifically designed for the baby will contain some alcohol and other chemicals. Long-term use will affect the baby's health, such as the face The skin is excessively dry. Therefore, when conditions permit, parents can use clean water to wash their baby's face without using soap and other bath products. Of course, you can still use wet wipes to clean your baby's face, hands and feet when you go out with your child.

Newborns can use wet wipes, but there is a prerequisite. We must grasp the quality of wet wipes. If symptoms such as skin redness, swelling and itching occur, stop using them immediately.

Precautions for choosing newborn wet wipes

1. Pay attention to the composition of wet wipes. The quality of the wet wipes can be seen from the quality of the wet wipes. The size of the wet wipes is also very important. There can be a lot of content inside. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moisturizing, and sterilizing effects required by the product, various brands of wet wipes are added The ingredients are also different. Some are good for the baby, some are good or not, and some ingredients can harm the baby. Therefore, mothers must not ignore this aspect when buying, and it is most important to choose the one that is suitable for the baby.

2. Pay attention to the feel and smell. There are so many brands and types of wet wipes that are overwhelming. The feel and taste of different brands of wet wipes are mostly different. Some wet wipes are dense, some are soft, some have a fragrant smell, and some have little smell. In this regard, the mother can help the baby distinguish according to her own preferences. It is recommended that new mothers buy wet paper towels that are softer and thicker and have no fragrance.

3. Pay attention to product information. The product information of wet wipes is also important for new mothers. This includes the production date, manufacturer, factory address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, sanitation license number, implementation sanitation standard number, instructions for use, and precautions. These can also understand the quality and credibility of the product from the side.