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Can Newborn Babies Use Wipes

May 16, 2020

On hot summer days, wet wipes are a must-have product for cleansing and care for new moms. Newborn babies have delicate and tender skin. It is the most gentle and effective way to cleanse after using the baby ’s skincare wipes after urination. However, there are recent reports that wipes contain ingredients such as propylene glycol, which can cause harm to the baby's health. Can moms apply wipes to babies?

Wet wipes contain propylene glycol, but as long as it does not exceed the prescribed limit, it is safer to touch the skin with a small amount of ingestion or skin contact. Under normal use, there is no need to worry about harm to the baby. What do you pay special attention to when using wipes for your baby?

1. Before using wet wipes, parents should try it on their hands first. If there is a feeling or feeling of alcohol stimulation or skin irritation, do n’t give it to the baby. This wipe may damage the baby ’s skin and body. harm.

2. It is not used in sensitive areas and injured areas. Do not directly use it to wipe sensitive areas such as eyes and eardrums, as well as genital organs, skin damage and injured areas of the baby.

3. If skin allergies occur, stop them immediately and stop using them immediately. Some babies may be allergic to some wet tissues. If symptoms such as redness, itching, and irritation occur after using the wet tissues, they should be stopped immediately. Should go to the hospital.

4. Pay attention to the tightness after use. After taking out the wet wipes, be sure to stick the sealing stickers on the wet tissues to prevent moisture evaporation and ensure its sterilization and sterilization effect.

 5. After the weather turns cold, the wipes need to be slightly warmed before use before being used by children to prevent cold.

6. Pay attention to the storage and placement. Wet paper towels should be placed in a cool and out of reach of the baby, to avoid baby swallowing. After use, do not discard at will.