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where to use wet wipes

Jul 19, 2018

"Give your baby a butt"

The newborn baby's sputum and stench are always flowing. If you wash it with water every time, you don't bother to do so. You often wear clothes, especially in the winter. If you accidentally let your baby catch a cold, you will lose more. Therefore, the biggest use of wet wipes is to clean the baby's small buttocks. Because wet wipes contain moisture and emollients, they are more thoroughly cleaned than toilet paper and have a moisturizing effect. Of course, they are most liked by moms.

"Clean your baby's little dirty hands when you go out"

There are many inconveniences when going out, such as the baby pulling a stinky smell, a small hand dirty, no water cleaning when eating... can be solved with a wet tissue, very practical and convenient. Especially in the winter, while cleaning the baby, there is also a moisturizing effect to prevent the small hand from splitting, so when going out, the wet tissue is always a must-have item in the mother's bag.

"Scrapping your baby"

The baby has a cold, and the nose keeps flowing down. It is often wiped with a paper towel. The small nose is rubbed dry and red. My mother is very sad, so I thought of this method. Wipe the baby with a wet tissue, occasionally it is OK, and it is necessary to confirm that the baby's skin has no adverse reactions. It is not suitable for long-term use. You can use a special baby hand wipes. Under normal circumstances, it is better to use a small cotton towel to wipe the baby who keeps running nose.

 "Also can wipe your baby's mouth"

This is also no way. There are a lot of mothers asking if "wet wipes can wipe your baby's mouth". The recommendation of Huanzhou baby wipes is that it is best not to wipe the mouth with a wet tissue, because the skin on the face is different from the skin on the buttocks. The degree of fitness is also different. However, if there is no way, it can be used once in a while.

"wiping the baby's toy"

better not. Baby's toys are usually imported. The wet tissue contains various formulas and is not suitable for baby to eat. Therefore, if you want to wash the toys, wash them with water and dry them in the sun. The idea of "dry cleaning" for your baby is a bit too much. The wet wipes are not all-powerful. Moreover, it is developed for a certain purpose. Don't cover it. Bathing, of course, must be washed, if the cold is not convenient to take a bath every day, you can wash once every 2 days, the water must be used to wash your baby's face, wash your hands, wash your feet, wash your butt, do not be lazy in this regard.