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Wet wipe function classification

Jul 19, 2018

The series of disinfecting wipes are divided into daily type, nursing type, baby type, etc. according to the different properties and uses of the products.

Daily use for daily cleaning and disinfection of the face, hands and skin; clean and disinfect the skin before and after the public place, before and after the cash register, in the public place; in the public place, contact the handle, clean and disinfect after pressing the button, clean and disinfect the office supplies and utensils To prevent disease transmission.

People can use disinfectant wipes to wipe hands, wipe public seats, door handles, desktops, computers, telephones for disinfection and prevention. Easy to use, so that you can prepare for sterilization at any time and anywhere, to prevent disease from "hand" It is a protector of disease prevention, social, business, tourism, daily work and life.

Nursing type for facial, hand, skin, genital cleansing, sterilization, detoxification, acne, emollient, clear pores, remove odor, balance of care, etc.; use clean, sterilize, moisturize, soften skin, skin care five steps The song is easily completed at one time; after use, it feels refreshing, refreshing and moisturizing. It is your essential daily life partner and portable cleaning care products.

The baby type uses a special soft cotton towel, gentle formula, carefully care for the baby's delicate skin; make the baby's skin pores smooth, ensure the normal breathing of the skin; improve the skin's own immunity, and at the same time replenish the skin moisturizer to effectively maintain the baby's skin healthy and moisturizing; The product can prevent diaper rash, eczema, mosquito bites and the like.