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Some tips for baby wipes

Nov 09, 2019

Speaking of wet wipes, it really helped the mothers to do a lot of work, rubbing their butt, wiping their hands, wiping their faces... Convenient, time-saving and effortless baby wipes can't be better, especially when they are out. As a "wild product" for infants and toddlers, Bao Ma is also unambiguous, so how to choose a safe and comfortable wet tissue for your baby is especially important!

How to choose baby wipes?

1, pay attention to the material and smell

The first principle of purchasing baby products is of course safe and comfortable. Therefore, mothers should try to choose a brand with more reliable quality when purchasing. The non-woven fabric should be soft enough and not easy to fluff. For the baby's delicate skin, it is best to be mild and non-irritating. Those who have stronger fragrance are not more clean, and the baby's health is the first!

2, view the ingredients

Wet wipes want to achieve the effect of moisturizing, cleaning, sterilization, there will definitely be a lot of added ingredients. When buying, Mom and Dad should pay attention to check the ingredients, including propylene glycol, benzalkonium chloride, alcohol, flavor, CIT (methylchloroisothiazolinone), fluorescent agents and other wet wipes, it is best not to buy

3, pay attention to the tightness

When purchasing wet wipes, if it is not a separate package of wet wipes, it is necessary to choose a good seal. If the seal is poor, not only the moisture in the wipes will evaporate quickly, but also the bacteria may invade and contaminate.

Wipes seem to have become the omnipotent treasure in our daily lives. But it is not always possible to use wet wipes for your baby. Don't make the wipes too deified. The following summarizes a few tips about baby wipes for the reference of the mothers.

1, the baby has a red butt, temporarily do not wipe with a wet wipe, may increase skin damage and infection.

2, during the baby's long lice and eczema, it is best not to use wet wipes. Long scorpion should try to keep the skin dry, long eczema should avoid excessive wiping and lead to aggravation. Babies with damaged skin or allergies to wet wipes should pay more attention.

3, some mothers like to wipe with a wet wipe before breastfeeding, this is completely unnecessary, breastfeeding is in the natural environment, not requiring a sterile warehouse, if the quality of the wet wipes is not enough, too much wiping may also cause inflammation.

4, if the baby girl does not recommend wiping the private parts with a wet wipe, the baby is urinating, and pulling it in time can be cleaned with water, without excessive cleaning.

5, newborn baby skin is particularly delicate, wet wipes are best used after the baby's full moon. Usually prepare a few soft and comfortable towels for your baby.