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How to use dry wipes

Jul 28, 2018

The base of cotton napkin is spunlaced nonwoven fabric, which is different from cotton fiber, wood fiber, bamboo fiber and polyester fiber according to different fibers. Or two kinds of fibers are proportioning to a certain proportion.

Judging whether the quality is good or not, first look at the fiber and burn it with fire. If there is a pungent odor or dripping oil, it shows that it contains polyester fiber. As a common chemical fiber widely used in the field of nonwovens, polyester fiber is the main component of wipes. But as a towel, it's not enough to absorb water.

Second, look at the feeling. Everyone wants thick and soft cotton soft towels. If the same weight is applied, the thicker the thickness is, the smaller the spunlace pressure is, the easier the fabric will become. The increase in spunlace pressure ensures that the cloth is not fuzzed, but it is not so soft.

Then, look at the workmanship. From non-woven cloth to cotton soft towel, it needs folding and cutting, the uneven and neat segmentation, the tight packaging will directly affect the feeling of consumers and the first feeling.

The rapid development of cotton soft towels, hope that when the brand business selection OEM generation factory, do a good job market investigation, find the positioning of their own customer group, a targeted product of cotton soft towel cleanser.