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How to choose a baby's wipes

Jul 28, 2018

Look at the packing

The packing should be carefully checked for breakage, even if it is within the warranty period, but the sealing property of the outer package is destroyed. It will affect the quality of the wet towel, and there may be bacteria invading in the air.

Touch thickness

Take a feel of the texture, thickness and softness of the wet napkin. Secondly, the thicker wet paper towel feels better when used, and it will not easily affect the cleaning effect.

Look at the information

If the information of production date, production license, manufacturer, etc. is not clear or unclear, do not buy it.

Smell the smell

It is best to be tasteless, so as not to cause allergies to the baby.

Refreshing degree

If you remove the wet towel, if it feels sticky and not refreshing, put the wet towel into the water, and there will be many bubbles. This kind of wipes may add some irritating ingredients and can cause damage to your baby's skin.

Look at the moisturizing effect

When wet paper towel is wiped on the back of the hand, the longer the skin on the back of the hand is kept, the better the quality of the wet napkin is.

Look at the ingredients

Especially for those children's wet paper towels with fragrance, parents should pay more attention to ingredients and add more stimulating ingredients as spices. Or your children will be allergic to something. Should they notice this wet towel?