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Cotton Spunlaced Non-woven Fabric

Mar 29, 2018

Cotton spunlaced Non-woven fabric is also called pure cotton spunlaced non-woven fabrics, cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric is natural fiber cotton, through the opening of cotton, pine cotton, the use of cutting-edge carding machine and screen machine and drawing machine will be pure cotton finishing nets, the use of pressurized after the formation of a large number of needle-like water column, after the barbed machine to facilitate cotton fiber wrapped cloth. From raw cotton to Chengbu only 5 minutes, compared to the traditional weaving cloth in the spinning, weaving links, shortened work hours, a large number of savings in energy consumption, labor and equipment, low-carbon environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction, reduce the cost of about 30%, its process with the world's advanced level of the cloth technology. The technology of cotton spunlaced nonwovens conforms to the "Low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, green development of green consumption model", "Ecological civilization construction" proposed by the 18 major reports of the CPC and "the construction of a powerful textile country (2011-2020)" proposed by the National Twelve-Five plan, "low carbon, The sustainable development model of green and circular economy "requirements."