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Application range of cotton spunlaced nonwovens

Mar 29, 2018

Cotton spunlaced Non-woven fabric (pure cotton spunlaced non-woven) application is very wide, mainly used in:

① Medical and sanitary products: disposable surgical dressings, sterile wipes, wound dressings, soluble hemostatic gauze, drug paste, hemostatic wound healing dressings, bandages, gauze balls, suction pads, gauze pads, surgical wipes, surgical gowns, surgical caps, surgical curtains, isolation suits, bed supplies, masks, masks, nasal covers, trauma care, and super filtration , Nano filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, artificial human organs, surgical suture, such as polymer medical health materials;

②, wet cloth, including disposable wet products, food and beverage wipes, wet cosmetics products, disinfection medical wipe cloth, screen cloth, household cloth, baby cloth, car wipe cloth, applicable to the house cleaning industry, printing industry, paint industry, such as wiping cloth, etc.

③ Household hygiene products, including cosmetic cotton, facial mask, sanitary napkins, pads, baby and adult diapers, health underwear, deodorant socks, environmental bags, tablecloths, disposable toiletries, tourism hygiene products;

④ has flame-retardant, antibacterial, waterproof, anti-static, water soluble functional spunlaced cloth, can penetrate to medical protective clothing, military anti-chemical clothing, electronics, filtration, packaging and other fields, play a waterproof breathable, bacterial isolation, biochemical filtration and other functions;

⑤ synthetic leather base fabric, coating fabric, home decoration, garment accessories and so on.

⑥ pure cotton face towel, napkin, soft towel roll, cotton towel and other personalcare products